VOD: Game of Thrones meets the Big Ten

Dr. Saturday

Did you ever think that the new 14-team Big Ten is like Game of Thrones?

The Big Ten created a commercial showing off all 14 campus sites in an ad that's a takeoff on the intro to the popular show. Add some Game of Thrones music to it as this YouTube user did, and voila, they look pretty similar.

Here's the Game of Thrones intro: Given the way that characters get killed off in Game of Thrones, should we be preparing to see a Big Ten coach lose his job this year? Who would it be? If the conference wants to be like a television show with great writing, it should be something that we don't see coming.

Also, if there was a Big Ten coach that could slide in seamlessly into the cast of Game of Thrones, the favorite is Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, right? Or is it Michigan coach Brady Hoke? It could be close.

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