VOD: Former Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater surprised his mom with a pink Escalade on her birthday

The story of Teddy Bridgewater and his special relationship with his mom has been well-documented. The former Louisville quarterback from Miami is a projected late first round pick in this week’s NFL draft, and from the time he was a child, he promised to one day take care of his mom and buy her a pink Cadillac Escalade.

That promise became even more important for Bridgewater when, in 2007, his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease is currently in remission, and now that Bridgewater finds himself a few short days from realizing his NFL dream, he finally got to surprise her with the car.

The whole scene was put together in a short documentary that chronicled Bridgewater’s rise from his youth in Miami to his success at Louisville and his close bond with his mom throughout it all. It all culminated with Bridgewater surprising her with the Escalade on her birthday in a special moment.

For those wondering how Bridgewater can afford a $65,000 SUV, an athlete who is just a few months away from signing a multi-million dollar contract can receive a bank loan and arrange a payment plan for the vehicle pretty easily. His agent might have loaned him some money too.

Remember LeBron James’ Hummer from his senior year at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School? James’ mom took out a loan from a bank and bought a $50,000 Hummer with three TVs for her son’s 18th birthday. Knowing he'll be able to comfortably pay back a loan in the future, Bridgewater probably did something similar.

No NCAA violations to worry about here!

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