VOD: An inside look at what it's like running with Ralphie at Colorado

Colorado hasn't won a lot of games on the gridiron in recent seasons, but it's tough to beat when it comes to the best college mascots in the nation.

There is no other tradition in the college game that quite matches the thrill of a dozen or so students in bluejeans and cowboy hats sprinting alongside a 1,300-pound wild animal as it runs down the east sideline at Folsom Field before each game and then turns gradually over the width of the field and returns to a trailer usually right in front of the where the visiting team is wating to come on the field. The stampede is repeated before the second half.

Colorado senior Connor Cassidy put together a great look at what it's like to serve as one of Ralphie's handlers in a short film 'Running with Ralphie' he produced for his senior project at the school this spring.

A lot of people don't know that Ralphie V is female. She will be 8 years old this fall when CU will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the first appearance of a live buffalo on the sideline. A group of students paid $25 before the final game of the 1934 season to rent a buffalo and a real cowboy to serve as its keeper.

The tradition of the football team running on to the field behind Ralphie didn't start until Oct. 28, 1967.


Running With Ralphie from CU Football Video on Vimeo.

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