VOD: 6-year-old Owen Provencher's day as a Cal football player

6-year-old Owen Provencher got to spend a day with the Cal football team recently. If the team needs any help at wide receiver in 12 years or so, he's probably worth a scholarship offer. He's got some good hands.

Provencher has cystic fibrosis and got to hang out with some Cal football players recently. He also got to meet coach Sonny Dykes, the first person he meets in the video. He even got his hair cut at the Cal barbershop.

His father, Gary, is a Cal grad and the trip was set up through Cal's equipment director. Gary said Owen slept in his Cal jersey that night.

Cystic fibrosis is a disease that causes mucus buildup in the body. Here's a sample of Provencher's typical day from the Cal site:

In an effort to reduce the hospital visits that he has been able to avoid for the last 18 months, Owen has undergone therapy nearly every day of his existence. His days normally begin at 5:30 a.m., with the first of a series of daily treatments including but not limited to inhaled medications and a vest that he uses with a machine that basically beats his chest for about 20 minutes in an attempt to break up the thick mucus that forms in his lungs. When he gets home from school, it’s back to more therapy and treatments before he does anything else.

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