Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas says he’ll return for another year, Hokies fans don’t seem thrilled

Dr. Saturday

The return of a quarterback who had a chance to be a first-round NFL Draft pick should be cause for celebration on a campus.

When Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas said he was returning for another season, well, let's just say Hokies fans had a mixed reaction.

Thomas' draft stock didn't improve a ton during a season that saw him throw 16 interceptions and lead the Hokies to a 7-6 record. Here was the announcement he was coming back, from Virginia Tech's Twitter account:

Very exciting. And after expanding that tweet, here were the top five comments:

Now maybe we're misreading some of these messages from a small sample size and Haddon Groce roots for a rival school and Dan Newman was really was fired up about "Star Wars: Episode I" and has a funny way of communicating the comparison (and there was one positive response!). But it sure seems that there won't be a parade in Blacksburg today.

That's quite all right. We're sure there are many Hokies fans that are very happy with the news and that Thomas will win all the fans over if he does what he is coming back for, and that's to become a more complete quarterback and have a great senior season - and reinvigorate his draft stock in the process.

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