Virginia Tech adds poignant helmet sticker to honor Sandy Hook victims

Dr. Saturday

One of the few schools that can begin to understand the horror Sandy Hook Elementary School has gone through is Virginia Tech.

It's fitting that during its game against Rutgers in the Russell Athletic Bowl, Virginia Tech will be wearing a helmet decal that is a tribute to the victims of two of the most devastating school shootings in American history.

The helmet decal was tweeted out by Christian Bruey of WFTV in Orlando, and his picture is shown at the top of this post.

The helmet decal has a ribbon with a VT and a SH for the two schools, with the orange side representing Virginia Tech and the green side representing Sandy Hook. The word "PREVAIL" is in the middle of the ribbon with the number 58 - the combined number of victims in both attacks, The Virginian-Pilot's Andy Bitter explained. The Virginia Tech shooting happened on April 16. 2007. The tragedy at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Conn. happened Dec. 14.

That's a touching use of an alternate uniform for the bowl game.

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