Vince Young (yes, that Vince Young) scolds Texas quarterbacks about not working hard enough

Dr. Saturday

Vince Young can't get a job in the NFL, despite not being 30 years old quite yet and having a skill set and track record to say that he could at very least be an interesting backup for some team.

Young's character issues work against him. Or, at least the perception of him as a problem in the locker room does. At very least, an incident after a Titans game in which Young threw his jersey and shoulder pads in to the crowd, then disrupted Fisher's speech and walked out ("I'm not running out on my teammates, I'm running out on you," he reportedly said) has stuck. So has the fascinating rumors about him dropping $5,000 a week at Cheesecake Factory, which is a heck of a lot of Tex Mex Eggrolls and Crispy Taquitos. But that's another story.

As great at VY was at Texas – and my word, was he great – he's not the kind of guy that you think of as a natural mentor to young players. So the latest story out of Texas about Young getting on Longhorns quarterbacks to work harder ... well, that's one we didn't see coming. reported that Young scolded Texas' current quarterbacks for not staying after practice for extra throwing. He didn't like that they were leaving with the rest of the team and told them they had to stay. Yeah, that apparently happened.

Young has been hanging around the team as he takes classes this spring, the report said, as a "fixture" at practices and recruiting functions.

For all of Young's issues (and it's certainly possible some have been blown way out of proportion, for instance look at how his "Dream Team" quote when he joined the Eagles ended up being criticized as some unforgivable act), maybe this is a good fit for him. He's still a legend in Austin. He was a great college player and knew what it took to get there.

And if anyone can speak of experience and provide a blueprint for the pitfalls the Longhorns quarterbacks need to avoid, it might be Young.

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