Video: WAC tribute video spells Chris Petersen’s name wrong

The Western Athletic Conference is sadly and slowly circling the drain.

After once being a conference full of some of the more formidable teams in college football, universities are hightailing it out in search of the greener pastures of the Mountain West, Conference USA and Sun Belt.

It's sad, too, because the WAC is celebrating 50 years of greatness and even put together a tribute video to commemorate the occasion. Only one problem, the conference incorrectly spelled the last name of one of the greatest football coaches to grace the WAC name.

Boise State's Chris "Peterson" is championed in the video as one of the conference's great coaches. Too bad it was Chris "Petersen," who helped lead Boise State to all those wonderful seasons and BCS bowl games that helped put the conference on the map in the past seven seasons or so.

The WAC has to know this is wrong. The video has been up since April 9 and more than 600 people have seen it. There's no way, someone hasn't noticed that mistake. This video had to be proofed before seeing the light of day, right?

Or perhaps the WAC just doesn't care anymore. Boise State started the WAC's demise and this is the conference's way of fighting back.

Poor WAC, things just aren't going its way these days and this is an epic #fail.

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