Video: Tajh Boyd and Justin Blackmon are very good players. These are very, very bad plays.

Dr. Saturday

Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd and Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon both delivered big afternoons for teams that won critical conference games against Florida State and Texas A&M, respectively, in large part due to Boyd and Blackmon's contributions. But that didn't stop them from also delivering your undisputed Flubs of the Week:

As I write, Tajh Boyd has 344 yards passing and three touchdowns as Clemson leads Florida State early in the fourth quarter, 35-30; Blackmon has 11 catches for 120 yards and a tightwire touchdown as Oklahoma State has stormed from a 20-3 halftime hole to take a 30-20 lead midway through the fourth quarter. May your impending victories offer salve for your embarrassment, gentlemen, and know that you are not alone.

UPDATE, 7:05 ET. Both scores are official: Clemson held on to beat Florida State, 35-30, and Oklahoma State downed Texas A&M on the road, 30-29, moving both the Tigers and Cowboys to 4-0 for the year. Just guessing, but presumably adoring fans at the post-game parties aren't going to dwell on the lowlights.

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