Video surfaces of Trevone Boykin's San Antonio bar altercation

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TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin was charged Thursday with assaulting a public servant, resisting arrest and public intoxication following a fight outside of a bar in San Antonio while his team was preparing for Saturday’s Alamo Bowl against Oregon.

Now, alleged video of the altercation has surfaced thanks to TMZ Sports.

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In the video, Boykin is allegedly seen scuffling with bar staff and later with police in the front of the establishment. The fight began after Boykin was heckled at the bar.

Following the arrest, Boykin, a senior, was suspended and sent home. He issued a statement on Twitter thanking TCU and apologizing for his actions.

Boykin was a frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy through the first half of the season, but his candidacy faded after TCU lost and Boykin was injured. Saturday’s bowl game was supposed to be Boykin’s TCU swan song.

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