Video: President Obama praises college football for its move toward a playoff

In the midst of dealing with the economy, reelection and foreign affairs, President Barack Obama still loves his sports.

While known as a big basketball fan, President Obama also has had a few choice words for college football and the way it decides its national champion. After President Obama was elected in 2008, he mentioned that he'd like to see a playoff system in college football and as he nears the end of his term, he might get his wish.

The president sat down with Bill Simmons of the B.S. Report to give his thoughts about the changing climate in college football that could result in a four-team playoff.

When Simmons asked President Obama whether he was happy about the move to a potential playoff, the president had this to say:

Well, I'd rather see it eight teams, but four is a good place to start. I think that gets us on the right trend. Nothing is more frustrating than at the end of the season, nobody knows who won. And what, there is some poll? Coaches make a decision? Nobody knows what that means. Because part of what makes sports great, part of what makes March Madness great, the NFL playoffs great, is every once in a while something happens during the playoffs that shows the character of a team.

Look at the Giants this year. Nobody would have picked them. They wouldn't have been crowned as champions if you had a coaches' poll at the end of the year. But they made the plays when it counted.

This might be the one stance the president has taken on which all fans — Democrats and Republicans — can agree.

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Thanks toPeter Coughter for the heads up.

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