Video: Navy teaches us how to do the ‘Cupid Shuffle’

And now for something completely different.

Service academies are often thought of as regimented and proper, but even those schools need a moment to have a little fun.

And that's what Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo decided to give his team prior to Monday's spring practice. So, like any good coach, Niumatalolo encouraged his team to dance — the" Dougie," the "Electric Slide" (boogie-oogie-oogie), the "Cupid Shuffle" and the Kid 'n Play.

"You guys have busted your butts," Niumatalolo told his team. "So we're gonna warm up a little bit differently....I'm tired of this cut the grass crap. We've got a little different warmup today. I'm gonna let these guys tell you what our warm up is for today."

Even Niumatalolo got in on the action with a little but of groovin, which was significantly better than the dancing of some of his players.

After showing this type of skill during synchronized dance songs, Navy players would be great guests at a wedding.

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H/T to Lost Lettermen

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