Video: Mo Isom appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Mo Isom, a former LSU women's soccer player who tried out for the football team as a kicker and was deferred to fall camp, didn't want her tryout to be a part of a publicity stunt, but less than a month after coach Les Miles told her to keep practicing and come back in the fall, Isom landed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In the interview, Isom talked about what went into her decision to try out for the football team and the process during the two weeks she was there.

"The guys took me under their wing right away," Isom said. "It's like next level when you're around that much testosterone. So, it smells terrible. The things I hear I can't even wrap my head around, but it's so much fun. It's just a whole other level of intensity and it brings out the best in an athlete."

She also talked about her father's suicide after her freshman year and a car accident that nearly took her life.

Then Isom went out and showed off her leg in Ellen's studio lot kicking off a carpet that looked like a football field, but was in no way regulation. Isom nailed both of her field goal attempts, though it was difficult to tell the distance.

It's an interesting piece. Isom is very well-spoken and she has an interesting story. And it's probably the first and only time the Doc will link to anything from the Ellen Show.

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H/T to Friends of the Program, who I hear is a huge Ellen fan.

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