Video: Mizzou’s got Dwight Jones’ back on the strangest pick of the year

Dr. Saturday

North Carolina receiver Dwight Jones hasn't had his usual afternoon in the Independence Bowl, falling largely silent after hauling in the game's first touchdown. But he was a key part of the most memorable highlight of the game — at his expense, on one of the strangest interceptions of the year.

Late in the second quarter, UNC quarterback Bryn Renner got the ball to Jones, who tried to turn upfield as he was pulling in the pass. Missouri safety Kenronte Walker hit Jones, who bobbled the ball. As Jones tried to regain control, defensive back Trey Hobson comes into the picture and pops the ball into the air, which comes to a brief rest on his back before Missouri linebacker Zaviar Gooden ultimately hauls the ball in for an interception.

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Not sure what was more ridiculous: The fact that Jones kept spinning around in circles trying to find a ball that was on his back, or the fact that it took three Missouri players to finally secure the interception.

The Tigers went on to score a touchdown off the turnover, extending their lead to 31-7. From there, they throttled down en route to a 41-17 rout.

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