Video: Mark Richt will answer your question, by not answering your question

Mark Richt is offended.

How dare a reporter, at the beginning of Georgia's press conference, have the audacity to ask this:

"To get this business out of the way, any suspensions that we need to know about? Are there any injuries?"

Richt actually said he didn't think the question was "professional." Yes, he's become that sensitive. Cue people rushing to defend Richt against the big bad media and its sinister inquiries.

Can you blame a reporter for asking? Late last week, Richt suspended three running backs, including star freshmen Isaiah Crowell, for last Saturday's game against New Mexico State after failed drug tests.

But Richt, like at least one of his SEC coaching counterparts, isn't going to take any perceived guff from the media even if the question asked is a valid one given the circumstances a week ago.

"To answer your question, I'm not going to answer that question because I don't like it," Richt said. "Anyone else got a question?"

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