Video: Jon Gruden thinks Michelle Obama is Lisa Salters, or vice versa

It's been a tough couple days for ESPN sideline reporters.

First, Holly Rowe had to get physical with another reporter to get the first postgame interview with Michigan coach Brady Hoke following Wednesday night's Sugar Bowl. One night later, ex-NFL coach turned color analyst Jon Gruden managed to confuse sideline reporter Lisa Salters with Michelle Obama.


Yeah, that really happened.

During the Orange Bowl broadcast, Gruden was admiring the play cards Clemson used to signal in plays from the sideline and when one of the First Lady came up, Gruden said, "There's Lisa Salters," before Mike Tirico quickly and awkwardly corrected the mistake. Fail.

Not sure which face Gruden is unfamiliar with: Salters, who was working the game, or the First Lady, who is in the media constantly. In either case, the two women don't look alike. It's about the same as someone confusing Gruden with analyst cohort Ron Jaworski.

When the next play cards came up, Tirico pounced on the picture of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, probably sparing Gruden from saying it was Erin Andrews.

This little gaffe not withstanding, the Monday Night Football guys actually did a nice job calling a 70-33 West Virginia blowout, the most lopsided game in BCS history. They made an otherwise unattractive game a little more watchable.

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