Video: Following the Heisman to its new home in Waco, Texas

Dr. Saturday

Robert Griffin III has had a heck of a week. He won the Davey O'Brien award (nation's best quarterback) last Thursday, the Heisman Trophy on Saturday and has since and been named to a host of All-America teams and has appeared on a multitude of television shows.

He has to be exhausted — and he still has to get his Heisman back to Waco.

Ever wonder how they do that? Does the Heisman Trophy Trust ship it? Does the winner carry it on the plane? Just throw it in a suitcase and hope for the best from the airline?

Luckily for us, Baylor filmed the bronze statue's entire trip from New York back to Waco complete with cameos by Griffin's father, Griffin's teammates and Baylor basketball coach Scott Drew, who just had to get his photo with the infamous trophy.

Baylor is really having fun with this moment and who can blame the university? It hasn't known a lot of success in its history and short of a national championship, this is the best thing that could happen to the Bears' football program.

Unfortunately, Griffin's time in Waco may be coming to an end. According to Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole, Griffin's parents are currently interviewing agents should their son decide to declare for the NFL draft.

Numerous scouts and executives believe the 6-foot-2, 220-pound Griffin will be a high first-round draft pick. It's anticipated that if Heisman runner-up Andrew Luck of Stanford goes No. 1 overall, Griffin will likely be selected by the Washington Redskins or Miami Dolphins. On Monday night, ESPN analyst and former NFL coach Jon Gruden said he would love to coach Griffin in the pros.

"You hear it a lot of places, but he's a miniature Cam Newton," one scout said. "He's a quarterback with the ability to run for 40 yards even when he's not looking to run. … His intangibles are off the charts, really smart, great family, the whole thing."

But Griffin, a junior, is busy preparing for the Alamo Bowl against Washington and has said he hasn't made a decision about his football future. But it's hard to see how he'll ever be hotter than he is now.

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