VIDEO: Georgia players do the Harlem Shake (and most of them are pantless)

Dr. Saturday

The Harlem Shake.

It’s the new Macarena; the new Call Me Maybe; the new Gangnam Style; and for the next however many months, we’re going to have to watch every team in every sport post a YouTube video of it. Luckily, since football is out of season, the football-related Harlem shake videos have been few, but Georgia released its version and I have to say, it’s, um, interesting.

The premise of the Harlem Shake is this: People (in this case the Georgia football team) are going about their business while one person is randomly dancing. We flash forward, and everyone is dancing with eccentric props to crazy techno music. Not sure if dancing in your underwear is part of the deal, but Georgia decided to take it there.

Look, I guess I’m old because I don’t get it. Seriously, Georgia players, put on some pants and get off my lawn.

But I will say that I was oddly entertained by this video and that’s why it’s making an appearance on Dr. Saturday. All other teams attempting a Harlem Shake video now have a standard.

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