Video: Florida walk-on Jesse Schmidt uses football clout to run for student government

Dr. Saturday

Even though Florida walk-on Jesse Schmidt has played in just one game with the Gators, he has no shame in using his status as a football player as a way to earn votes in the upcoming University of Florida student elections.

And we're not mad at him. In fact, we here at the Doc enjoyed his video so much, that we decided to post it and give him our own endorsement, though we have absolutely no pull in student elections.

Schmidt is running for vice president alongside Alex Cornillie, who is running for president, for the Students' Party. Alligator Army breaks down the advantages to voting for the duo, but for us it was the cats and running back Trey Burton having a staring contest with a cat swayed our allegiance. Not to mention a cameo by freshman linebacker Graham Stewart.

While we're having a good laugh about this, we do appreciate that student government is a pretty big deal. So big, in fact, that someone (the blame is going to supporters of the rival Unite Party) threw away several copies of the student newspaper, the Independent Florida Alligator, because it ran coach Will Muschamp's endorsement of Schmidt on its front page. The student paper, as you could imagine, was not pleased.

Hmmmm, that seems a little petty doesn't it? Well, it is politics.

Unfortunately, Alligator Army gives Cornillie and Schmidt little to no chance of winning since the sororities and fraternities have dominated these elections as long as they've been around. The only other football player to get elected to the executive government was Terry Jackson in 1998. Star basketball player Al Horford ran for office in 2006, but was not elected.

But Muschamp's endorsement might help. Alligator Army said it's the first time that they know of that a coach has endorsed a candidate, but not many football players have time for the rigors of politics. I imagine if Tim Tebow had wanted to run for office, Urban Meyer would have given him his unconditional support.

So, if you're a Florida student and easily swayed by cats and laser pointers, watch the video and going out and vote. Today is the last day for elections.

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Thanks to The Orlando Sentinel.

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