Video: Even SNL’s ‘The Devil’ is outraged at the Penn State scandal

Dr. Saturday

The child sex abuse scandal at Penn State has rocked not only the Penn State community but the nation as a whole and has now become fodder for "Saturday Night Live," which, on it's weekly Weekend Update skit, broke the news of the scandal to "The Devil."

Initially, The Devil is jubilant at news that Penn State is in trouble for its role in what he thinks is a recruiting scandal. Only The Devil, played by Jason Sudeikis, didn't know exactly what happened. It wasn't until Meyers explained the details of the child sex abuse allegations levied against Penn State that The Devil became outraged and actually slapped Meyers and said, "Shut up!"

"It's a pretty big story," Meyers said. "I mean, where do you get your news?"

"I follow [actor Ashton] Kutcher on Twitter!" The Devil replied. "It's usually enough. My man's plugged in!"

After Penn State coach Joe Paterno was fired Wednesday night, Kutcher decided to weigh in on Twitter and defend Paterno without knowing the facts of the story. The tweet earned Kutcher quite a bit of venom from some of his 8.2 million followers and actually caused him to relinquish control of his Twitter feed to his management team.
The Devil, like Kutcher, goes on to ignorantly defend Paterno.

"You know who I feel bad for? Joe Paterno," The Devil continues. "To have evil like that in your midst and not even know about it."

Meyers explains Paterno knew about the abuse and The Devil further tries to rationalize it.

"OK, [but he] went straight to the police, yeah?" The Devil asked.

Meyers continues to explain Paterno reported the matter to his athletic director but did nothing further to stop it. And this is when The Devil starts to display the emotions many have expressed throughout the past week.

"JOE PA! A coverup? This is college football not the Catholic church," The Devil yelled.

Sedeikis, er, The Devil, goes on to tell the Penn State students how bad they looked for rioting after Paterno's firing and then, so horrified at the Paterno news, decides to break his fork and go back to his former job as a customer service rep with Time Warner Cable.

The skit is funny yet tasteful and goes to show how the Penn State scandal has become more than just a sports story. Nothing is off limits to "Saturday Night Live."

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