Video: Dude, Hawaii campaigns for its primo surfing quarterback

It's never too early to start pimping players for postseason awards.

Forget the fact that camp hasn't even started yet, Hawaii wants you to know who quarterback Bryant Moniz is and is doing so with its "Mighty Mo" video campaign on YouTube.

Warning: If you ever regretted not going to Hawaii for college, don't watch this video. It will just make you sad.

Moniz opens the two-minute spot talking about his love of Hawaii. Then the Hawaii marching band breaks into the "Hawaii Five-O" theme song and we watch Moniz doing all sorts of bodacious Hawaii-like things such as surfing and throwing up the "Hang-10" sign.

We also watch him show why he was the nation's leader in total offense with 367.29 yards per game and total passing yards with 5,040.

It's easy to understand why Hawaii wants to get the word out early on Moniz. Since many of his games are played late Saturday night, few people, especially those on the East Coast, get to watch him play, which is a total bummer. However, if he puts up more gaudy numbers, voters are going to have to pay attention.

It worked for former Hawaii quarterback and Heisman finalist Colt Brennan.