Video: D-II running back front flips over a defender and keeps going

We've seen a lot of great plays this college season, Trent Richardson's amazing run against Ole Miss, Aaron Dobson's crazy catch for Marshall, and Michigan State's crazy hot potato-style game-winner against Wisconsin. However, one of the best plays in college football may have occurred during a Division II spring game in mid-Missouri.

Lincoln (Mo.) University's 5-foot-7 running back Martee Tenner caught a short pass during the scrimmage, broke one tackle and then, before meeting a defender head on, did a front flip over the defender and proceeded to run 30 more yards down the field.

The video actually shows the play several times because it's just that awesome. It's so awesome that it doesn't even seem like anyone reacts to it. There's one guy on the sideline who puts his hands on his head, but otherwise it seems like the consensus is, "Oh, that's just Martee doing his whole flipping thing again."

For those of us who don't frequent Jefferson City, Mo., for our college football fix, it's great someone got this on video because otherwise Martee Tenner's flip would have remained a secret to most of the world.

Unfortunately, Lincoln will probably have to take Tenner's flip play out of the playbook after every opponent sees this on YouTube.

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H/T to Deadspin

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