Video: Collin Klein’s ‘honey badger’ video is as bad as you’d think

Collin Klein is not the honey badger, but someone wants him to be really, really badly and they "don't give a darn" who knows it.

The honey badger has become a cultural phenomenon ever since comedian Randall voiced over a nature video, threw it up on YouTube and entertained nearly 40 million page views. Since then, college football has run with the nickname. LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu was given the nickname early in the season for his tenaciousness and his blond hair. And somehow we were all OK with that. We embraced it, marketed it and some fans never even bothered to learn Mathieu's real name.

But now it's gone too far.

This is "The Crazy, Nasty Collin Klein" video, which was made and posted back in December (and surprisingly missed by most of the sports blogs). It shows highlights of Kansas State quarterback Colin Klein and provides narration similar to that in the original YouTube video.

Oh, and it's terrible. Now, bear in mind that it's a parody. A spoof on the Randall video and when taken in that context some might find it humorous others might find it played out. That's for you to decide.

I almost wanted to present this video without comment. To have you wade through nearly 4 minutes of PG-rated narration like I did and come away wanting to throw your computer across the room (I got through 1:44 before I had to shut it off). But I thought I'd provide a warning.There is a lot of bad stuff on the Internet, a lot of bad college football stuff - mostly rap songs - on the Internet. But this makes the Missouri basketball rap sound like Ice Cube circa 1992.

I'm sure you're asking yourself why I would post a video that I have such negative feelings about? Well, because I'm a sharer. That's what I do. And I want to make sure that I'm not alone in my opinion of this. This has nothing to do with Colin Klein as a player. It's all about the video.


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It's hard to give props to Kegs 'n Eggs for finding this, but I will anyway.

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