Video: In Chip Kelly’s interview, undergrads shall be seen but not heard

Chip Kelly has come a long way in life: In five years, he's advanced from obscurity in New Hampshire to architect of one of the most prolific offenses in college football to head coach of an emerging national power. Much too far, in other words, to let a bunch of spoiled, mugging kids ruin his shot after Oregon's 41-27 win over Arizona State:

Ever the professional, ESPN's Erin Andrews handled the moment with the usual combination of spontaneous bemusement and poise. Behind her, the howler monkeys scattered immediately. I don't think she's going to be showing up at the kegger, guys.

Anyway, in case you were laughing too hard during that part, Duck fans, it sounds like quarterback Darron Thomas is going to be fine after leaving with an apparent knee injury in the third quarter. Still, with All-American tailback LaMichael James still on ice, it's not a bad time to be preparing for Colorado and Washington State.

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