Video: Charlie Weis thinks Kansas needs to work on its celebrations

There were a lot of things wrong with last year's 2-10 Kansas team. It was worst in the nation in total defense, scoring defense and among the worst in passing offense and total offense.

And on Thursday, new head coach Charlie Weis also informed his team that it's pretty terrible at celebrating as well.

During the final 10 minutes of practice, Weis sent kicker Ron Doherty to make a "game-winning" field goal. The kick was up and the Kansas players came streaming in from the sidelines. Unfortunately, the kick missed. The team had to go back to the sideline and Doherty tried again. This time, he made the kick and the team came streaming onto the field to congratulate him.

And that's where Weis lost it.

Thanks to Rustin Dodd of the Kansas City Star for the transcription:

Weis: "I can tell you guys aren't used to winning. (Pause) Hey. Hey, fellas. OK. Winning a football game is not supposed to be an uncommon occurrence. I know that's a novel concept around here.

"OK. When you win a football game, there's supposed to be a celebration that looks like a celebration. And that was a pile of crap.

"I believe in practicing everything, including winning. That's what this is all about.

"This isn't about you guys jacking around over here.

"This is about, third game of the season, you're sitting here 2-0. You're playing TCU, you haven't won a conference game in about eight years. (bells) … and you hit a field goal to win the game. Act that way!"

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Wait, Kansas is going to beat TCU? Bigger wait… Kansas is going to be 2-0 heading into that game? That's has to be bulletin board material for South Dakota State and Rice.

Gotta admire Weis' optimism. After all, how are you going to teach a losing team to win if you don't conjure up game-winning scenarios. It's just unfortunate that this team has trouble fake winning, too.

Of course, Doherty made his his third and final field goal, which sent an exuberant group of players streaming onto the field, throwing water, cheering and jumping wildly. Kansas finally got celebrating down to a science.

Perhaps now the Jayhawks should work on some defense.

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