Video: Chandler Harnish explains how he became Mr. Irrelevant

Ever wonder about the stress some of the late-round NFL draft picks go through as they're patiently waiting for their name to be called? Well, former Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish, who was this year's last pick (or Mr. Irrelevant) breaks the entire scenario down for his family, including the fact that he was all set to go to San Diego before he was picked by the Colts.

"Late in the seventh round I'm very depressed... I was getting calls from like the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, just a bunch of teams were [calling] - and I'm talking to my agent every three minutes," Harnish explained. "It looked like we were about ready to set up a free-agency deal. I was ready to go to San Diego.

"They wanted the decision 10 minutes after they could put the deal on the table, and this was still at pick 240. So there were still 13 picks to go. And they put the deal on the table that they wanted me to be a free agent and I had to say 'yes' to it... We tell San Diego we want that deal. Well, my agent tells the Colts, 'Hey, he's going to San Diego if you guys don't draft him with your last pick.' So, because of that, the Colts were like, 'We want him. We want to take him before he goes to free agency, and then he goes to San Diego.'"

On one hand, Harnish has to feel pretty good that he was so wanted that teams were negotiating with him prior to the end of the draft and ultimately fighting over him. On the other hand, if San Diego really wanted Harnish — enough to give him 10 minutes to decide his professional fate — why didn't the Chargers use a pick on him?

In any case, I think we as a viewing public were happy Harnish actually got drafted because it allowed him to have a fantastic reaction after Harnish got the call from the Colts about a minute before the announcement was made on TV.

However, there's still no word on whether Harnish accepted the invitation from a woman wishing to be Mrs. Irrelevant.

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