Video: Black jerseys turn Ohio Bobcats into shrieking teenage girls

Dr. Saturday

We've written an awful lot about uniforms around here lately, always with someone asking, urgently, "Who cares?!?!?" Well, I'll tell you who cares: The Ohio Bobcats care. They care a lot.

In fact, based on their initial reaction to the black-on-black motif they debuted in last Saturday's 44-7 rout over Marshall, either they're improbably enthusiastic Johnny Cash fans, or the Bobcats care about the uniforms a little too much:

Is there an entry on the injury report for "Hamstring (Excessive Uniform Celebration)" ? At least no one starting crying.

Speaking of which, bring on the inevitably Bieber-themed parody in 3… 2… 1…{YSP:MORE}

Sorry, guys, but you deserved that. You really did.

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Hat tip: SBN and @elevenwarriors.
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