Video: Aron White goes ‘between the hedges’ at Georgia, and can’t get out

Georgia tight end Aron White should get an "8" for form and "9" for execution after his self-preservation dive into Georgia's hedges during Saturday's game against New Mexico State.

White was tracking down a touchdown pass from Aaron Murray to the left side of the end zone when, after catching the ball, his momentum carried him toward the band that was waiting along the sideline for its halftime performance. With two xylophones spelling impending pain in his path, White leaped over the band equipment and basically landed sideways in the famed Georgia hedges.

This is where the use of a chalk outline for White's body would be a funny prank: It took three people to pull him out of the hedges, and as soon as he emerged, the entire offense started jumping up and down in excitement over both the touchdown and, of course, White's release.

For the celebration, the Bulldogs deserve a "10."

White's score was the seventh of the first half for the Bulldogs. They won 63-16.

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