Video: On-air quake can’t shake Herbstreit’s composure

Kirk Herbstreit doesn't have a great poker face, but he does know how to keep his composure in the face of a natural disaster.

After Saturday night's Alabama-LSU and Oklahoma State-Kansas State games ended — almost simultaneously — ESPN cut to an interview with Herbstreit, who had just called Oklahoma State's 52-45 win over Kansas State in Stillwater. During the interview with Chris Fowler, Herbstreit gets a panicked look on his face and later reveals that he's just experienced a 5.6 magnitude earthquake.

Herbstreit's face is priceless, but he maintains his composure and tries to concentrate on Fowler, who ends up asking what seems to be the longest question in college football broadcasting history. When Herbstreit finally starts to answer, he loses his train of thought and tries to explain why.

"Chris, just to let you know, dead serious, as I've been talking to you, we just had, I think, an earthquake," Herbstreit told Fowler. "I literally thought the stadium here was rocking, people were stepping down off this platform that I'm on. But we had a little aftershock, so what was your particular question about Oklahoma or Oklahoma State's defense?"

If nothing else, at least Herbstreit's professionalism under earthquake made for a much better reaction that the one Baltimore Ravens receiver Torrey Smith had during an earthquake last summer.

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