Victim 4 wishes he had been given input in the fate of the Paterno Statue and Penn State

The NCAA sanctions against Penn State have been met with a mixture of emotions, including by those who were directly involved in the situation that led to them.

Benjamin Andreozzi, a Harrisburg-based attorney who represents Victim 4 in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial, said his client was dismayed by the decision to place sanctions on his favorite university as well as take down the statue of Joe Paterno.

Andreozzi said his client wished he could have been consulted before either the NCAA or Penn State had taken any action. Here's what Andreozzi told WGAL News:

"The victims were not Penn State or the NCAA, the victims were the young men who testified in the courtroom and I think NCAA and Penn State owed it to them to at least consult with them before rendering a decision. [...]

"I think you at least owe it to these young men to hear what their positions are regarding Joe Paterno and the statue, regarding whether Penn State should be sanctioned from participating in athletic events. Instead Penn State and the NCAA took it in their own hands to play the role of judge and jury in this case without hearing from what could be construed as critical witnesses."

Andreozzi said despite the actions of Sandusky, a former Penn State defensive coordinator, his client didn't want his beloved Penn State to face the backlash.

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