Vanderbilt OL coach Herb Hand harrassed on Twitter by Tennessee fan then rats him out to Butch Jones

Vanderbilt offensive line coach Herb Hand is one of the nicest and most approachable coaches on Twitter, but even he’s not immune to stupid fans.

Monday, Hand was verbally attacked on Twitter by a Tennessee fan who goes by the Twitter handle @JulianBucio (thanks to for pointing this out).

@coachhand dude I think your wife is [expletive] someone while you coach your pathetic football team #[expletive]

Wow, stay classy Tennessee fan. Hand did nothing to provoke this comment. In fact, most of Hand’s comments on Twitter are either praising his family or talking about his latest charity effort. This is not a guy you attack.

Of course Hand didn’t just sit back and take the comment — he fired back.

"You are welcome to come to my office so we can discuss this face to face...I fully welcome the opportunity. Feel free to come by anytime so we can talk about this in person like men."

Then he texted the message to Tennessee coach Butch Jones.

OK, we get that this is a rivalry and that words are often exchanged. Even coaches aren’t immune from getting wrapped up in it from time to time. But attacking the offensive line coach’s wife on Twitter in the middle of May is just sad and shows the world that not only are you a terrible human being, but you also have nothing better to do with your time.

My hope is that both Tennessee and Vanderbilt fans chastise this guy for being a disgrace to the Tennessee fanbase and the rivalry itself. I also hope, if he has season tickets, sad Tennessee fan is no longer allowed to attend games per a Jones request.

After Hand’s initial frustration with the situation, he calmed down and deleted the Twitter exchange. He did, however, thank those who were supporting him in a final message.

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