UTEP coach Mike Price recounts scrounging for food during a weather delay

UTEP coach Mike Price will never let his players go hungry, not even during a game.

So when stomachs started growling during an 80-minute second-quarter lightning delay this past weekend against East Carolina, Price snapped into action and started a stadium-wide search for food.

What he found was a small Girl Scouts booth selling barbeque and he decided to raid the place.

Here's how Price described the scene to SiriusXM College Sports Nation on Monday morning:

"Now, we've been there before," Price said regarding weather delay. "This happened in Las Cruces one time and we were in there 2 1/2 hours, and I went out and bought turkey legs. So as soon as we get in there, I talked to the players about adversity, we've been here before and all this kind of stuff. They're saying, 'Where are our turkey legs?'

"So the concessions are closed, and everything's closed and no one's really doing anything. So I said, 'Put some music on, take your shoulder pads off. We're going to be here a while.' Because every time there's another strike, it's a half-hour. So these guys are getting hungry, and I'm thinking, 'What the Hell?' So [I go] out there. These concession stands are closed, but I'm going to see if I can get these damn things open.

"Sure enough, there's a group of ladies selling barbecue buffet, hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and all this barbecue for the Girl Scouts of America. It was a fundraiser. They're not closed. Hey, get me a hundred brisket sandwiches and brats. Sure enough, I hauled them all into the locker room and we had something to eat and another hour we went out."

Anyone else wondering why the concession stands were closed but a random Girl Scouts tent was up and running during a lightning storm?

While the food made Price's players fat and happy, it didn't do much for them on the field as they lost 28-18.

Thanks to coachingsearch.com for the find

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