USC mulls ‘possible’ punishment for top rusher Marc Tyler

It's too early to say that USC running back Marc Tyler might be in some hot water because of his involvement in two off-field incidents, but it's possible that the Trojans' leading rusher could miss some time this season.

The L.A. Times is reporting that Tyler appeared at a hearing before USC's Office of Student Judicial Affairs and is now awaiting his fate. Tyler was been accused of two incidents in April -- he allegedly (gotta get that word in there) spit on a female student while intoxicated and he allegedly inappropriately touched another woman while at a bar.

According to the article, Tyler owned up to the first incident, but disputed the second. Not sure if claiming the first is better than claiming the second, but we'll see how the board plays it.

"It would not be appropriate for me to comment while I await the result of the Student Affairs hearing except to say that I regret my actions, I have apologized to all parties and I have sought counseling both within and outside the university," Tyler said in a statement.

There's no telling what kind of punishment USC might hand down for spitting on another student or even inappropriate touching. Tyler is a fifth-year senior with a spotless record to date, so the board might go easy on him and Kiffin could do the same. Tyler also has been attending counseling since the incidents occurred.

Tyler is the best returning back the Trojans have. He finished last season with 171 carries for 913 yards and nine touchdowns

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