USC debuts new commercial with QB Matt Barkley

Let's stay on the USC train shall we…

Quarterback Matt Barkley stars in his own USC commercial called "Water Cooler Talk," which includes athletic director Pat Haden and senior associate athletic director J.K. McKay.

I'd be doing our readers a disservice if I said it was awesome. It's not. It's not terrible, but it's not going to win any awards. The gist of the commercial is this: Haden gives Barkley advice on some elaborate play he needs to run and Barkley retorts with another ridiculous play that no one understands. All the while, Barkley is wearing his USC jersey (a la every ESPN commercial with a sports figure) and photocopying papers.

Comic gold, I know.

Barkley does have one good line at the end when he asks, "Who were those old guys?" as Haden and McKay leave the room.

I'll give USC this: At least the commercial is a giant step up from its last effort, "The Briefcase," featuring a shadowy man walking through the USC campus with his wrist handcuffed to a metal briefcase. Once the briefcase is opened, it reveals a USC visor for coach Lane Kiffin:{YSP:MORE}

I personally thought the briefcase would contain NCAA documents or a scholarship offer for another 13-year-old.

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