USC apparently trying to convince itself that Colorado is Alabama

Frank Schwab

For as long as football is played, there will be coaches who try to talk up a bad opponent to make sure their team doesn't overlook them.

That said, we haven't heard many motivational ploys as odd as what Lane Kiffin is apparently doing with his USC team this week.

According to ESPN LA writer Arash Markazi, Kiffin is going all out to convince the Trojans that Colorado is Alabama this week:

We wonder if Markazi was joking, just because replacing CU logos with Alabama logos on the depth chart seems downright weird. How is a coach supposed to convince his players that an opponent is good if they need to pretend they're facing an entirely different team?

The players aren't dumb. Here's a news flash: They're not going to believe Colorado is Alabama. It seems like the ultimate disrespect for an opponent when your goal is to convince your players they will have a tough time winning this week. This is goofy.

But, on the other hand, when Kiffin tried to figure out some positives and dangerous trends to tell his players about 1-5 Colorado, he probably couldn't figure out any and moved on to Plan B.

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