USC AD Pat Haden shows off a rare item in USC’s Harlem Shake video (VIDEO)

We know, we know, another Harlem Shake video.

We get it. It’s played out and we should be ashamed for posting it. But if you’ll indulge us for a second, there’s a reason this particular Harlem Shake video warranted a second look.

See the guy dancing in the beginning? The one on the right? That’s USC athletic director Pat Haden. Let’s ignore for a second the ridiculousness of Haden actually being in this video and focus on the black matte helmet on his head.

Yes, a black matte USC helmet.

We’ve seen these before in leaked photos from USC employees, but never on the field. But here it is again, surfacing at a basketball game during a terrible Harlem Shake video. Is this just a tease? A prototype? Or is USC actually going to wear these babies at some point this coming season?

This is the first time, as far as we know, the helmet has ventured out into the public, so USC is not trying to keep it a secret. Perhaps that’s a good sign.

OK, you can go back to hating us for making you watch another Harlem Shake video, but just know we felt it was for a good cause.

- - -

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