Urban Meyer’s Florida home is for sale

Dr. Saturday

You could live in Urban Meyer's Gainesville mansion.

Yes, that's right, for the steal of $1.7 million dollars, you can live where a champion lived and bask in his 6-bedroom abode that is adorned with Florida Gators decor that only a true fan can really appreciate.

The house is equipped with 5.5 baths, and indoor swimming pool, a three-car garage and nearly two acres of land. The ad from the Focus Real Estate Group, which throws out Meyer's name as a selling point, claims the home to be "Executive living at its finest" and this is no exaggeration. Meyer's Gainesville home is quite stunning and includes the largest sectional couch I've ever seen. I guess when you're having the team over you have to have someplace for the players to sit.

But enough from me, here's a brief photo tour of the property:

The property is, dare I say, resplendent. But what else would you expect from man who won two national championships and had a Heisman Trophy winner at Florida? If I was going to take a leave of absence, I would want to take it at Urban Meyer's Florida mansion.

I'm curious to know what the Columbus, Ohio replacement mansion looks like. Pretty sure it doesn't have palm trees, but I hope he at least kept the couch.

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