Urban Meyer 'looking into' copying Jim Harbaugh's spring tactics

Oh no, Ohio State fans. Your coach may be getting inspiration from the school up north.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said he's looking into doing something similar to what Michigan and coach Jim Harbaugh did this year by having practices over spring break in Florida. Meyer called the practice "creative," the same word Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio used to describe Michigan's spring practices.

"I think it's creative," Meyer said. "I just worry about taking their spring break from them. I'm looking into it for next year and the future too. It's creative and if it's good for the players we'll probably do it.

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And if there's one Big Ten school that can make a Florida camp a bigger deal than Michigan it's Ohio State and Meyer. Just imagine Meyer bringing a bunch of former Florida players (*cough* Tim Tebow *cough*) to a week-long camp with team. And it could strengthen Florida recruiting ties that Meyer already has in the state.

Plus it'd be a fun jab to the SEC coaches that dislike Big Ten teams infringing on their territory. If there's one thing Ohio State and Michigan fans can unite behind, it's trolling the SEC, right?

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