*Updated* BYU fans turn on their own after Holy War turnover debacle

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**UPDATE** According to a story in the Salt Lake Tribune, Arby's shift manager Chance Bowen said the promotional play on the game was an accident. The billboard actually went up the Friday before the game and was part of a series of promotions the restaurant runs during game weekends. If that's how this went down, that's really unfortunate for that particular Arby's.


Utah and BYU are no longer in the same conference, but the fiery rivalry of the Holy War rages on.

But rarely do the towns of the respective teams turn on their own.

Until this week.

After BYU committed seven turnovers in the 54-10 loss, a South Provo Arby's restaurant decided to have a little fun by offering a free turnover with a ticket stub from the game.


From muffed kickoff returns to botched snaps to miscues in the running game, the Cougars were playing a game of hot potato while the Utes were playing, well, football.

"Even when you're a much better team than your opponent when you turn it over seven times you put the game at risk," BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall said. "If the teams are close, seven turnovers is very difficult to overcome. And so, overreacting? There's no one that's more urgent or wants the team to perform at a higher level than I do and our coaching staff."

Now the question is, which direction BYU goes from here? Mendenhall has said multiple times that for independence to work, his team can't afford performances like the one it gave Saturday. The last time the Cougars were embarrassed by an in-state opponent — a 31-6 loss to Utah State last year — Mendenhall fired defensive coordinator Jaime Hill. Such a drastic response probably won't occur heading into this weekend's tilt against Central Florida, but it's clear something will have to change for BYU to recover from the most lopsided loss to Utah since the 1930s.
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