Under Armour unveils uniforms for Notre Dame, Maryland and Cincy (Photos)

The long-awaited unveiling of Notre Dame’s new Under Armour uniforms has finally arrived.

And don’t worry uniform purists, Under Armour actually showed some restraint.

The traditional look of Notre Dame’s uniform is unchanged. It’s the same gold helmets, pants and blue jerseys we’ve all come to know and love. Even the trim is roughly the same.

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Not a big surprise that Under Armour stuck with tradition for Notre Dame’s everyday uniforms, especially since it likely will have a lot more creative freedom with the uniforms for the Shamrock Series. Those combinations were hit and miss (mostly miss) in the past few years under Adidas, so it will be interesting to see what Under Armour concocts.

Remember, this is the same Under Armour that burst onto the scene with Maryland uniforms that had the entirety of college football shaking its head with the loud and busy color scheme.

That being said, Under Armour doesn’t care what we think. Maryland boasted its uniforms Monday and while the jerseys and pants are relatively tame, the helmet is cacophony of colors that shout Maryland state flag.

Cincinnati, another Adidas defector, also put its new uniform on display and with the exception of some fancy designs on the shoulder and knee pads, seems pretty benign by Under Armour standards. The only thing ostentatious on that uniform is the shoes.

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