UConn’s new helmets are unique, and interesting

We're not quite sure yet what to make of the new UConn football helmets, but we will give them points for creativity.

Connecticut is changing its logo and its overall look, with new uniforms (we're sure of those, they look great) and helmets. The Huskies, who put a picture of the helmets and jerseys on their Instagram page, have eschewed the traditional side logo for the front "looking at you" mascot look. Kent State used it in its bowl game last year, and really that one looked kind of creepy.

The UConn look isn't creepy, really. But we're not sure what we think about it.

So we'll leave it up to you. Let us know what you think of the logo-in-front look for UConn's new football helmets. If nothing else, it's pretty unique. Kudos to the Huskies for not being boring.

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