UCLA’s navy blue jerseys look like most black jerseys, and are pretty good

Dr. Saturday

UCLA hasn't kept its navy blue jerseys a big secret before it officially unveils them for its "LA Night" game against Stanford on Nov. 24, considering you can buy them now on the team store's site.

The jerseys aren't that big of a departure from the "blackout" jerseys most teams have used the past few years. The Bruins took the light "true blue" color from its home jersey and turned it navy blue. GoJoeBruin says that UCLA hasn't worn a dark jersey like this ever before during a game. The jersey design itself is not groundbreaking or anything, but it's a pretty good look.

Might UCLA add a black helmet to the look? From the same entry on GoJoeBruin, there's a screen shot of an advertisement that features a T-shirt with a navy blue UCLA helmet:

Now that helmet looks pretty cool. There's a good chance we'll see before Nov. 24 what the full UCLA's getup will be for that "LA Night" game.

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