Two Ohio State players and a Michigan player ejected after fight following kickoff (VIDEO)

Dr. Saturday

Three players were ejected after a fight following a second quarter kickoff during The Game between Ohio State and Michigan Saturday.

Ohio State's Dontre Wilson and Marcus Hall were tossed from the game, as was Michigan's Royce Jenkins-Stone. Hall is a starting offensive lineman for the Buckeyes, and after his ejection was announced, he slammed his helmet on the sidelines, kicked a bench and gave the crowd at the Big House the double-middle-finger salute as he headed to the locker room.

Michigan had kicked off after going up 21-14 and following the return by Andre Wilson, he was surrounded by Michigan players after the tackle. Jawing ensued and then the fight began.

As the confrontation escalated, Wilson got his helmet ripped off by Jenkins-Stone. However, that didn't deter him, as he threw a punch at Delano Hill. That's what got him ejected.

Hall was on the bench for the beginning of the incident, but came onto the field with the rest of the offense. After initially looking like he was going to play the role of peacemaker, he threw a punch with the umpire nearby. That's what got him ejected.

The fight was so big that both Michigan coach Brady Hoke and Ohio State coach Urban Meyer were out in the middle of it and Hoke was actively separating players.

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