Two Central Michigan players arrested in shoplifting incident

Two Central Michigan players arrested in shoplifting incident
Two Central Michigan players arrested in shoplifting incident

Two Central Michigan football players are facing legal trouble following an incident that occurred in June.

According to The Morning Sun, wide receiver Andrew Flory and defensive back Ryan Oruche were arrested June 7 for attempting to steal $500 worth of DVDs and snacks from a Walmart.

Police officer Mike Zeilinger was called when a Walmart employee noticed Oruche “pushing a shopping cart out of the store without paying.” When Oruche was stopped at the door, he pushed the employee “against the door jamb and ran out of the store.” The cart was found to contain “$247 worth of DVDs, food and snacks.

Per the Sun, when the officer called to the scene interviewed Oruche, Oruche told him that he and Flory “walked out of the store with shopping carts full of items that they had not paid for and placed the items into the trunk of Flory’s car.” Oruche was then stopped after attempting to steal more merchandise from the store.

Flory told police that he did not steal anything, but video surveillance showed both men leaving the store and placing “$500 worth of items into Flory’s trunk,” according to a court affidavit. The surveillance also shows Oruche being stopped and subsequently pushing the employee.

Initially, Flory was not arrested, but after the officer consulted the video footage, he “went to Flory’s residence to arrest him for retail fraud.” The trouble didn’t end there for Flory, however.

From the Sun:

“When Flory asked permission to put on some clothes, Zeilinger followed him into his bedroom and noticed 12 partially smoked marijuana joints on top of a laptop. Flory admitted the marijuana was his and that he did not have a medical marijuana card.”

Flory has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of second degree retail fraud and one count have marijuana possession. Oruche has been charged with two misdemeanor retail theft charges.

Flory, a junior who caught 32 passes for 384 yards and two touchdowns last season, was indefinitely suspended for violating team rules. Oruche, who appeared in three games for the Chippewas last season, is no longer with the program.

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