Tulsa’s entry to the alternate uni craze is kinda blue (but only kinda)

In this, the year of the crazy uniform combinations, it seems like every team is trying something just a little out of the ordinary.

Add Tulsa to that list.

For Saturday's game against Rice, the Golden Hurricane wore alternate blue and white fiber-like helmets for, as far as we can tell, no particular reason. But the change worked as the Hurricane defeated Rice 38-20 to keep pace with Houston in Conference USA's West Division. (It also worked in getting us to actually notice Tulsa's win over Rice.) Tulsa and Houston are both 3-0 in conference play and meet in the final game of the regular season.

It was the first time the Golden Hurricane had worn non-gold helmets since 2009. That year, they wore blue helmets for three games and won all three.

Rice also had slightly altered helmets. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, the tradition "R" on the side of the Owls' helmets was pink.

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