Tulane tests out new helmet designs (Photo)

Things are changing at Tulane.

The school is preparing for a move to the Big East in 2014, but before it does that, it’s getting some fresh helmets to join the uniform craze that’s been sweeping the country.

Quarterback Jordy Joseph on Tuesday tweeted out a photo of seven different helmets being added to the Tulane repertoire (you can only see five of them in the picture). It’s unclear whether all of the helmets will be worn at some point next year or whether these are just prototypes from which the team is choosing, but one thing is clear: the white helmet with the wave on it is nails. It’s by far the best of the group followed by the teal “T” helmet next to it. It also looks like there’s a black one in the back, which could be interesting.

I hope Tulane puts all of the helmets on display at some point, but from the ones you can see, which one should the Green Wave wear?

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