3-foot tall Joe Paterno bobblehead doll up for auction on eBay

Dr. Saturday

Since former Penn State coach Joe Paterno passed away last month, many folks have been trying to profit from his death by selling random items that could be used to build their very own Paterno shrine.

And no shrine is complete without a 3-foot bobblehead doll of the legendary coach.

That's right, a seller on eBay is auctioning off a Paterno bobblehead that's about the height of a small child. It's dressed in Paterno's signature outfit — khakis, shirt, tie, Penn State jacket and black tennis shoes. However, the face, hair and sunglasses makes the bobblehead look more like Eugene Tackleberry from "Police Academy" than Joe Paterno.

The seller claims this to be a limited edition item that is No. 143 out of a lot of 500.

Shockingly, this gem will only set you back $2,500 (and $75 in shipping). Yep, a couple house payments and this bobblehead could be a talking piece for any living room. For such a steal it's a wonder that no one had bid on it.

Seriously, what do you think this thing cost when it was bought in a store in State College? Maybe $100?

Sadly, someone already has shelled out the cash for one of these bad boys. No. 113 of the 500-bobblehead lot was sold for $2,995 last week.

Think about all the charitable things that money could buy that would be a better memorial of Paterno's life than a 3-foot bobblehead doll. THON anyone? Just sayin'.

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