You, too, can ‘spend eternity near Bear Bryant’

On Tuesday, Penn State faithful were up in arms after some "fans" decided to make a profit on Joe Paterno's memorial service by selling the free tickets they received from the athletic department on eBay.

As despicable as that was, one Alabama "fan" has taken profiting on late great coaches to a new level.

This said fan took a classified ad out in the Birmingham News selling five burial plots near former Tide coaching great Bear Bryant at $2,200 a piece.

Yeah, really.


The ad offers folks a chance to "spend eternity near Bear Bryant" and his rotting corpse — and I mean that with the utmost respect, Alabama fans. And how close, exactly, is near? The ad is pretty vague. Simply being in the same cemetery probably constitutes as near.

The timing on this is impeccable, though. It's basically using the death of Paterno to get people to start thinking about Bryant - and their own mortality.

This is morbid. And just, well, a sad ploy to make some extra scratch. Even sadder, people will respond and pay to be "near" Bear Bryant.

At least the price of the plots are negotiable with the "OBO" after the $2,200 price tag. Wouldn't want to pay full price.

I would hope the Paterno family has secured all of the lots near Joe Pa for the rest of the family to make sure that no one is going to profit off he burial of Penn State's beloved coach.

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