Tom Izzo sits with Michigan State students after bribing them to evacuate stadium for lightning (Video)

Before the kickoff of Michigan State's game against South Florida, a line of storms approached East Lansing and the stadium was evacuated because of the lightning.

While most of the fans already inside heeded orders, the Michigan State student section was reluctant to leave. Enter Tom Izzo: secret weapon.

It was the second weather evacuation in as many weeks at Spartan Stadium because of storms, and last week against Western Michigan, many students didn't leave either. So Izzo, the school's uber-popular basketball coach, got on the microphone on the field in front of the student section and promised he'd sit with them during the game they left the stadium.


"I'm going to be right in the middle of you!," Izzo said. "Come on guys! I love you! I love you! Thank you so much for doing this! And you adults over there, all you adults, same thing! You adults, you better get out of here! It's coming right over here! It's coming, and it's coming fast. Thank you so much. You're the greatest fans in America, and I love you!"

And he made good on his promise.

Well done, Tom Izzo. Well done. John Beilein, we better see you in the student section against Notre Dame Saturday night.

- - -

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