Tom Brady pays off a Michigan-Ohio State bet, wears Mike Vrabel’s Buckeyes jersey in practice

Dr. Saturday

Mike Vrabel tweeted out a picture proving that Tom Brady pays off his friendly wagers.

Vrabel, a former Patriots player who played at Ohio State, apparently bet Brady, the Patriots quarterback who played at Michigan, on the outcome of last week's Michigan-Ohio State game.

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And as a result of the Wolverines' loss, Brady had to wear Vrabel's Ohio State jersey during at least one practice this week.

Pretty funny stuff. As points out, Brady also had to wear Vrabel's OSU jersey in practice in 2006 after presumably losing the same bet.

While the joke is pretty funny on Brady, we wonder how Ohio State fans feel about seeing Michigan's greatest NFL player wearing the scarlet and gray? Might be considered sacrilegious in Ohio.

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